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WHO:  Holy Communion is brought to homebound parishioners who are ill, frail or perhaps experiencing physical or spiritual detachment from God and Church.
WHAT:  If you are unable to attend Mass on a regular basis, Holy Communion can be brought to you on a weekly basis at your residence: adult group homes, assisted living facilities, or private residence. 
HOW:  Parishioners who are homebound and want Holy Communion brought to them are encouraged to call the Parish Office 425-353-1211 and an Outreach Minister will contact you to determine the best day and time for a home visit.




This is a joyful and spiritually uplifting ministry that offers a welcoming environment for those who are coping with grief that comes with losing a loved one. Once a month and special holidays the participants gather for joyful sharing and lunch at local favorite restaurants.




If one seek support due to suffering/grieving from a significant loss; loved one, relationships, financial stability, job, a friend; or if one seeks prayer due to personal problems, infirmities, spiritual dryness, before and after surgery, and other; you may call to receive prayer by telephone or make an appointment for personal consultation.


A rosary making volunteer does not need to be experienced as the ministry is to make and learn how to make rosaries.  The volunteers make the rosaries as a group and learn from each other. This ministry is a wonderful creative and spiritual experience. The rosaries are used as gifts and to fill the Christmas stocking.





At Christmas time ministers volunteer their time and treasure to make Christmas stocking and blankets for the sick and homebound. Stockings are made in holiday decor and filled with gifts and treats as a reminder of the spirit of giving at Christmas time. Blankets are made in holiday fashion to bring warmth and security during the holiday season especially for those who feel ill, isolated or spiritually detached for the Church.



For Outreach Information
or for
Volunteer Opportunities

Please Contact:


Dcn David Alcorta
425-353-1211 ext 104




The strongest evidence of love is sacrifice. 
- John 3:16


 The Sacrament of the
Anointing of the Sick

The Anointing of the Sick; “Extreme Unction” known to some as the “Last Rites” is administered to bring spiritual and physical strength during an illness.  It is a rite that is performed to convey God’s grace to the recipient, through the power of the Holy Spirit. The anointing “is not a sacrament for only those who are at the point of death” but is intended for the seriously ill. The Sacrament may be repeated, if one recovers and becomes ill again, before surgery, the elderly and frail. Anyone who is seriously ill is encouraged to receive this Sacrament by calling the Parish Office 425-353-1211