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Religious Education

Pre-K Through 5th Grade

We do not yet have dates for first communion.

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Dear Families!

In an effort to better serve you and the parish community as a whole, the schedule for faith formation in 2020-2021 has a few changes. Please click the above image to see the NEW schedule. 

In lieu of Monday night RE classes, please try to do the following as a family.
Past weeks' assignments are here.

Although our students have sadly not received the sacraments yet this year, the academic year is coming to a close and from now on I'll only send emails with updates rather than faith formation "homework." Thank you for your patience and fortitude in continuing to educate your children in the faith. Preparing for the sacraments is not rocket science, nor is it about getting a "certificate of participation"--it's about deepening one's relationship with God.

With that in mind, I'm signing off with this:

Students won't remember everything from Religious Ed classes, but they will remember praying and talking about Jesus with their parents.

Thank God for moms and dads!

2019-2020 Exit Survey


Prayer Requests?

Twice a week I supervise the gym which is open for private prayer 10AM-2PM, Monday through Friday. During that time, I would love to offer up your intentions in front of the tabernacle.


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Contact Rachael Johnson if you would like discuss volunteer opportunities at OR call (425) 353-1211 ext. 106






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All activities suspended until further notice.

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