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Youth Ministry

Grades 7-12

Looking forward to next year?

 Check out our new plan for next year's faith formation - click the picture above. 

Confirmation is POSTPONED!

Group 1 (A - L):TBD

Group 2 (M - Z):TBD

Groupings are based on the first letter of your last name.

During this time of crisis we will not be meeting.

However, you can find many resources below to keep you engaged in your faith. 

We look forward to the day we come together once again! 

Covid-19 Response&Updates

  • Classes will be cancelled the rest of the year. 
  • Please see the make-up for HS Confirmation Class
  • MS Confirmation Touching Safety Class (please use the lesson appropriate for your child's grade/age)
  • MS March 23rd Make-Up
  • MS March 30th Make-Up
  • MS April 6th Make-Up - here
  • MS April 20th Make-Up - here
  • MS April 27th Make-Up - here
  • MS May 3rd Make-Up - here

Check back often for updates!

Please pray abudantly for our Church, and those affected by the COVID-19! The Archbishop asked us to specifically pray for the intercession of Our Lady of Seattle. 

Resources for Prayer & Catechism

The resources below can be used to help you stay engaged in your faith during this time of distance from our faith community. Remember, just because you are not attending Mass, youth group or confession God is still present. This time can be used to stregnthen your faith. 

Prayers                                                       Resources

Prayer to Our Lady of Seattle  FORMED 
Rosary Chastity Project
Angelus Lifeteen
Stations of the Cross - Retreat Stations of the Cross Ascension Presents
Examination of Conscience Pints with Aquinas
Divine Mercy Chaplet Project YM
Liturgy of the Hours Catholic Collective



Contact: Melissa Jenkins   425-353-1211 x117


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All Events Cancelled until further notice....



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