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Rebuilding Our Church

Dear St. Mary Magdalen Parishioners,

I have exciting news about our House of God, Gate of Heaven Capital Campaign for the many families who have generously donated to our new church and gymnasium.  I also have a call to action for the families who have not yet participated in building the future of the parish.

Our exciting news is that our building permits are ready and we have a building timeline for our project.

This timeline is not ambitious- in fact it is relatively conservative- but we need everyone’s support to make it happen.  My call to action is a request for everyone to prayerfully consider- or reconsider- pledging to support our project.  We have a church today thanks to the sacrifices of a previous generation.  We have a sport court today, again thanks to the generosity of current and previous parishioners and school families.  We are still short slightly over $1 million.  We promised our donors that we would not move forward until we had the pledges to cover the entire project- the church and the gymnasium- and I intend to honor that promise.  In the meantime however, construction costs are rising and unless everyone gets involved now, we may miss the window to build.   If every family that has not pledged would commit to $5 or $10 per month for five years- less than 2 cups of coffee each month- we would almost cover the remaining amount.  If the parishioners who have already pledged could increase their pledge by the same $5 or $10 per month, that would put us over the top!

I ask you to join our Memorare Army, myself, and the many others who are praying for the success of this project and the future of our parish. I ask for your action- and more specifically for your financial support- to help build our House of God, Gate of Heaven projects.  Can you see yourself or your child or the next generation using the gym for parish and school functions?  Can you see yourself sitting in our new church for Easter Mass in 2019?  If so, we need your help now.  We all know the story of “someone” and “everyone” and “no one”.  We can’t wait for “someone” to build our gym and church; we need your pledge to build these important projects.  I am asking urgently to submit your pledge, if you have not already done so. Our projects will not happen with out everyone’s participation.  This is our opportunity to invest in God’s Kingdom and our parish.  I hope you will not let it pass by.

Father Hans M. Olson                                                                     

Pastor, Saint Mary Magdalen Parish/Saint John Mission