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Rebuilding Our Church

The following short film is an introduction by Fr. Olson of the new and interesting highlights of our church. The architecture, the devotionals and the beautiful surroundings combine the old and the new within the walls of this holy building. 

Ongoing projects to be completed soon, include the organ and additional artwork. Parishioners have the opportunity to contribute the funds to help with future projects.

The newly refurbished church is the fulfillment of our long-time pastor, Fr. Joseph Marquart’s dream.  The video was done in gratitude for all the sacrifices and generosity of the parishioners; families, and ministry member’s efforts…… and to bring us all together in a place of shared worship.

Due to the pandemic situation, many of you have not yet seen the changes in the church. Our hope with the video is to assure you that even in these troublesome times, God is truly among us, most especially in this sacred dwelling place.   

Your generous support has resulted in a worship space of which we can all be immensely proud! 

Enjoy the video!