COVID-19 Guidance update: Face masks must be worn at all times by anyone over the age of 5. We do this to protect our neighbors and to protect our ability for all to safely worship together.

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Fr. Hans M. Olson  
Pastor, St. Mary Magdalen Parish/St. John Mission   
Phone: (425) 353-1211

Fr. A. Victor Raj
Parochial Vicar, St. Mary Magdalen Parish/St. John Mission
Phone: (425) 353-1211  ext. 103


Deacon David P. Alcorta
Pastoral Assistant for Outreach Ministry
Phone: (425) 353-1211  ext. 104


Deacon Phuoc Nguyen
Phone: (425) 353-1211 ext. 115


Ron Enneking
Pastoral Assistant for Administration
Phone: (425) 353-1211  ext. 108

Michelle McIntyre
Parish Secretary
Phone: (425) 353-1211 ext. 119

Maxim Farrell
Pastoral Assistant for Adult Faith Formation & Liturgy
Phone: (425) 353-1211  ext. 118


Rachael Johnson
Pastoral Assistant for Faith Formation
Phone: (425) 353-1211 ext. 106

Jacob Curran
Youth Ministry Assistant
Phone: (425) 353-1211 ext. 117

Fernando Alvarado
Facilities Manager
Phone: (425) 353-1211 ext. 109

Carrie Wright
Music Director
Phone (425) 353-1211 ext. 121

Rochelle Staley
Pastoral Assistant for Outreach Ministry 
Phone: (425) 353-1211  ext. 105
Alchel Hathaway
Business Administrative Assistant
Phone: (425) 353-1211 ext. 107

Lorena Olsen
Parish Receptionist
Phone: 425-353-1211 ext. 100




We welcome your call or email to any member of our parish staff. Or if you prefer, you may contact us using our online Contact Form.


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